Websites should do much more than a mere business card online

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  • Parent Interview Bookings
  • Newsletter System
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Webinars and PD System
  • Fee management
  • Online Uniform Shop
  • Canteen Ordering
  • Teacher blogs / grade sites
  • Teacher & Subject timetable
  • Parent Detail System
  • Emergency Notificatios
  • Fundraising Online

Websites can do more, should do more!

Your website it is not only a business card online. It should be able to do much much more. 

New Websites or Web Apps are capable of helping with your school management tasks.

With a few clicks, you could be doing all your Parent Teacher Interviews bookings with email and SMS notifications. The learning curve is just a few minutes and the benefits paramount.

Gradual System Adoption

Learn when you need, learn when you want

If you want to improve how you sell school uniforms, process payments or take lunch orders you can activate the functionality that will help you with the specific task at hand.

You will not be alone while learning to operate the new system, in fact you can be guided through each step until you become confident.

Help is provided to groups within your school and one to one if required.



Take the roll

Class roll with statistics and notifications to parents when the student is absent.
This tool is very popular and the learning curve almost non-existent. 
You can learn how to set it up or we can set it up for you.

School News

Imagine if you could do your  school newsletter online, populate its content from the website, just add the weekly news and have it delivered to all the school families via email.

Calculate the savings not just paper and toner, but a system that is proven to cut your production time 10 folds.

Simplifying, saving time

At the end of the day you will be able to see how much your work has improved.

Class Routines

Another time saver. Teachers will be able to manage their hourly routines, modules or sessions. They can also add corresponding instructions and documents  for other teachers to use.  A typical situation when a CRT comes in. Having the hour by hour day to day  class routines at the click of a button is extremely helpful.


Library Management

You will be able to import your book lists and manage returns and students borrowing books.



In this connected world families scout for schools on the web. They Google schools and get their first impressions online. Your website must show your commitment to children education and how you provide a safe and caring environment. The marketing strategies at your disposal will

Your website shows your commitment to children’s education and shows your efforts to provide a safe and caring environment. The marketing strategies at your disposal will allows families to tour your school from their home computers and hand-held devices while at work or just when you are waiting for the bus.  That first impression is where you invite families to come and tour the school in person.

That first impression is where you invite families to come and tour the school in person.


Monitoring Students Performance

You can get your students test results charted and analysed ready to use as addition to your reporting tools.

You can create quizzes for your students and test them online with exams that you design exclusively for your grade.


Read More

Put your class web page  at the center of all your educational activities. You can create a page to publish your notices event calendar interview bookings and student resources. Making your page the focal point for children’s education. adding blogs, podcasts and give your students the experience to handle the social media safely.



All the Options

Easy steps

You can join in and participate as much as you like or sit back and relax in the knowledge that this process will be a success.

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