Maintenance Protocols

Website Maintenance Protocols 13 points + 1   1 Backup, it could be your only recourse after a catastrophic site crash 2 Keep 1 person to oversee every change done to the site. Take Note of every change. 3 Separate roles for updating content and modifying structure and layout 4 Keep your notes of changes...
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Case Study – Failure

It is not often that I lose a website to a bad decision, but when I do I go through a sort of business introspection trying to find out when things went wrong and wondering if there is something I could have done differently to keep the client happy and enthusiastic about their website. In...
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Website Newsletter

As the orange and yellow colored leaves fall and things slowly turn to be winterish, the cold season is creeping into view.
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Moving Forward With New Technologies

Whether you’re already ringed or simply going for a love seeking date, planning a romantic evening not only gives you a little charm to look forward to it’s also the ideal excuse to throw away your day-to-day look and go for that amazing new makeup and …
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